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Your daughters will go crazy for a Sharp Dressed Dad

Your daughters will go crazy for a Sharp Dressed Dad. Fathers and daughters have a special bond. Don’t embarrass them by dressing like a”Can’t be bothered” dad.

So what do untidy tired dads wear to the office party, Christmas lunches or visiting family that will win the approval of their daughters? I’d like dads to take pride in their appearance. Wipe the vomit off their shoulder or the yoghurt off their jeans, shave, get a haircut and put on well fitting clothes.

Knowing how to dress to fit the occasion is a skill that can be developed. Being well groomed and dressed appropriately shouldn’t be stressful or cost a lot. It’s tough, but it doesn’t take that much effort to avoid looking like you spent the night switching beds, back and forth to the kitchen to get milk, changing nappies, cleaning up vomit, the list goes on.

Being properly presented will make you look and feel much better in yourself. You will come across as confident, happy and perhaps attractive. The male grooming industry has seen a massive growth as men become a lot more conscious of their appearance. The correct shirt, trousers, and shoes are well within the capabilities of the average guy.

My tip is to rely on the shop assistant’s knowledge. I am infamously lazy when shopping. I would give myself a budget and then walk into a trusted shop, let’s say House of Fraser, spot a mannequin that was hanging something that looked manageable then buy all the items the mannequin was wearing. This works. A stylist has worked really hard to figure out what item went with another in terms of style, budget, colours and fashion. Don’t try to do this yourself. You will fail.

If you can’t get to a store then there is always the internet. Brand Attic have a really nice range of smart casual clothes that are ideal for busy dads who still want to look dapper! Their winter essentials are perfect for assembling a wardrobe on a budget. If you want to go all out then take a look at Henry Herbert. They are a small luxury bespoke suit maker based in London. They use English & Scottish cloths to make perfectly fitting suits and invite customers to come along, meet up and even cut the cloth. The workshop is small, but smartly presented and by meeting customers face to face allows them to express their passion for the bespoke suit and shirt making.

Finally, any woman will tell you it starts with the shoes. It’s amazing how people judge you by the shoes you wear. Ensure they are comfortable and are made of natural materials. Get this right and the rest will follow.

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