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Whitworths Shots – Good Natured Little Snacks Review

Here at (that’s me), I completely endorse healthy fitness programs and diets but, I think, there needs to be space for snacking to make it sustainable.

Terri Dainter, Brand Manager for Whitworths Shots agrees with me. “It’s insane to think that Brits would pay hundreds of pounds to lose weight when there are small but effective changes that can be made everyday to aid diets and exercise.”.

The Whitworths #GiveUsAShot campaign sets out to inspire the nation with healthy recipes, alternative snacking options and fitness incentives. With 70% of Brits expressing a desire to be healthier, Whitworths Shots aims to help the nation achieve their 2017 lifestyle goals”. I completely agree with their initiative and sentiment.  But snacking is where I struggle. There are only so many days where I can snack on a handful of almonds or walnuts. Sure, they are very good for you but sometimes it becomes a bit bland and I get tired of chewing them. Also they just aren’t sweet enough. Although I get a certain amount of healthy snacks to review, I thought Whitworths had an innovative way of approaching snacking.

Whitworths, yes the Sunny Raisins guys,  sent me a selection of their Whitworths Shots to try.

Whitworths shots

The Shots range, in a selection of nine flavours, is designed to offer a healthy snacking option with a hint of indulgence to stave off cravings. With each pack under 100 calories, they provide a sweet fix so you are not reaching for the biscuit tin.

I was apprehensive at first. I opened the pack and instead of a bar, a handful of raisins and chocolate fell out. I thought, hang on, it’s not a biscuit? But this is how Whitworths have managed to keep the calories in the shots below 100kcal. The biscuit is there but comes in small balls coated in chocolate or just straight chocolate pieces. Ok, I see. Just enough biscuit to create a satisfying crunch but not enough to be over calorific.

Whitworths shots

The idea is simple but the combination of flavours must work. You can view the full range of shots here. My favourite has to be the toffee and pecan. They’ve got the ratio of healthy pecan to not so healthy toffee just right. Perfect with a cup of tea.

Whitworths Shots are available in all major supermarkets for RRP £0.49 or in multipacks of four RRP £1.80. Follow @WhitworthsUK on Facebook<

You can Follow Whitworths on FacebookInstagram and Twitter or visit for #GiveUsAShot inspiration.

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