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When Engineer Dads do the Christmas Party Part 2 Shaving

Let’s start this off with the basics. You need to exfoliate your face. Don’t panic! That just means wash your face. Use a face wash that contains some tiny, tiny little granules to gently scrub. This’ll remove the dead skin cells and combat signs of fatigue. I use this british made Energising Face Wash from ROCKFACE. It’s £3.99 for 150ml but a little goes a long way.

Everyone has a beard now so it’s socially acceptable to not shave. Or is it? I think there is a difference between not shaving and managing a beard. And in my experience managing a beard is more time consuming than wet shaving. Beards need to be cleaned, shaped and oiled to look well. Yes I know, cuts and nicks while shaving can make you look ridiculous but given time and attention, and again a little investment in products, shaving can be an enjoyable experience. Trust me.

If you shave then you fall into one of two camps. There are those that love a close wet shave and those who prefer the convenience of an electric shaver.  If you are going for the wet shave then checkout Gillette’s latest product FLEXBALL.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball Special Offer James Bond 007 Spectre Gift Set

This one’s got SPECTRE on the box, which is nice, although it’s a fairly tenuous link to the franchise. The products are the same as other products in the Gillette range. This is more of a gift box. I think it’s the best looking packaging this Christmas and very topical. I like James Bond and I’m not alone.

But hey, “Those blades are expensive!”, I  hear you say. Yes, they are. But I think of it as a trade off with time. I love my Merkur with a Japanese razor blade but I really need to concentrate while using it. With Gillette you are paying for a quick smooth shave while you may be half asleep at 6am. It’s similar to the printer cartridges business model. You get the product at a price that does not reflect the cost of development of the product but then make up the difference in revenue to the company by repeatedly buying consumables.

If you are in the electric shaver camp then you could checkout ALDI’s Visage PRO-SERIES Wet and Dry rotary shaver. ROTARY SHAVER GIFT PACK 2A very reasonably priced product that is by no way a cheap impersonator. Well styled and not out of place among any gentleman’s grooming tools.


In either case it’s good to moisturise your face and neck. Take The Real Shaving Co. range of balms and moisturisers and give them a go. I use the SUPER 8 Balm.


It does 8 things in 1. I like multi-tasking.


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