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When Engineer Dads do the Christmas Party Part 1

It’s that time of the year again. The Christmas Party Season. Whether it’s your organisation that has booked a table at the local Indian restaurant or you are going to a posh hotel in the countryside as your other halves “+1”, it’s time to start thinking about how to clean yourself up so you look your best and don’t give your missus another reason to be disappointed in her selection of the Father of her offspring.




Nobody expects the Engineers to wear suits, ties or even shirts these days. Mad Men reinvented the suit for those of us whose jobs involve getting out there and meeting people. You should look smart and competent when being the face of the organisation you work for. But what if you are locked in the basement for the majority of the year?

First of all, clothes. Dressing like Sheldon may be very comfortable and a t-shirt with a witty slogan can break the ice but the point is to dress so that others can see you have put thought and care into it. Then, when you speak to others, they will give your opinion the same level of thought and care.



Unfortunately, dressing well does mean spending money. But not a lot! It is an investment and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  I recently bought four of the Autumn Winter 2015 shirts suggested here from Charles Tyrwhitt. I measured myself and ordered it all online. Including delivery and with promotions and Quidco it is fantastic value for money.

So you get some new threads, don’t forget to update the shoes. You know the joke:

How can you tell when an engineer is extroverted?
He looks at your shoes while he’s talking to you instead of his own.

You cannot go wrong with a pair of brown leather brogues. That time you were in Brantano getting the kids school shoes you should’ve bought something like these. Again, clean and tidy and you can use them again and again. We are very practical us guys.

Lastly don’t try to match your own clothes. If in doubt ask a professional. Many department stores offer free personalised styling. As I said earlier, it’s an investment. There are very talented designers that have been trained to match fabrics and colour and spend a long time trend watching to create a complete outfit for you to buy. It should reflect you body shape and personality. Find a shop where the staff are helpful and can give you time and space. If they have prepared a mannequin with a suggested outfit and you like it, then ask to try the whole outfit.

Maybe you’ve done Movember or maybe you are just to lazy to shave. Next up is When Engineer Dads do the Christmas Party Part 2 – Shaving



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