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TOP 10 BJJ Submissions That Every White Belt Should Know

5 months into my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training I’ve decided to take stock of what submissions work for me. I’ve collated them and prepared a list of videos that describe the TOP 10 BJJ Submissions That Every White Belt Should Know.

I’ve attached links to videos that explain the techniques better than I can. Let me know if video links are missing or not playing ([email protected])

See if you can get these techniques down as accurate as you can.

#1. Rear Naked Choke

Over three minutes but has some great tips.

#2. Forearm Choke using Sleeve (Ezequiel Choke)

Doesn’t go into the ‘how to’ but gives a nice introduction to the setup. Again, about 3mins

#3. Triangle (pulling head)

Straight to the point. 1 min 30 secs

#4. Kimura from Closed Guard

Good quality short video with 5 steps to correct execution.

#5 Frontal Guillotine Choke

Like an extension to the kimura above. If you try a kimura and it doesn’t work, you can fall back into a Guillotine. 3 mins but very clear.

#6 Straight Foot Lock

Shows an advertisement first and it’s 15mins! Don’t let this put you off. Stick it out. Great teacher.

#8. Americana Key Lock

Advertisement and 3 mins long. Just watch the first 1min or so, it has irritating music playing while he is talking.

#9. Omoplata

Basic omoplata in first minute. Great if you just need a reminder.

#10 Arm Triangle

Short and to the point but bad quality video.

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