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Top Smells to Make You Feel Happy


Freshly laundered clothes, the great outdoors and days out at the seaside are what happiness smells like, according to new research.

Many of us are feeling burnt out by modern life, smells associated with ‘happy places’ topped the list of smells to make you feel happy. Homely scents and evocative aromas such as the open air of parks and gardens were close to the top of the list too.

More than three-quarters of us dream of spending more time outdoors, with 68% looking to the outdoors to calm us down and give us a sense of balance. I agree completely. According to a study commissioned by Lenor,  more than half of us are currently working more than eight hours a day and one in five work more than 11 hours a day.

Perfumer Rafael Trujillo from Lenor said:

“Scent has the power to transport us away from our busy lives, to a moment of calm, where we can be one with ourselves and one with nature.”

The beach, our garden and our home were also ranked among our happy places, with 68 per cent of us linking fresh smelling clothes to happiness. Personally, I’d add the smell of rain, a newborn baby and apple pie. I hate the smell of clothes that haven’t dried quickly enough and carry a mouldy smell. To counter this I use scented washing powders and I’m very picky about returning things that don’t smell right back into the washing machine. I’m not alone as many people admit to regularly using their freshly washed items as mood boosters.

More than three-quarters of those surveyed said they strive to give their clothes the freshest scent, whilst almost two in three believe that feeling the freshness of products inspired by nature could help lower stress levels.

I’m impressed by the new Inspired By Nature collection by Lenor. The intention is to help busy families step back and relax even if they can’t escape the stress of modern day life. The range includes three scents – Deep Sea Minerals, Silk Tree Blossom and Shea Butter – that capture the calming properties of the beach, the garden and the home.

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