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Top Of The Range Treats

If you’re lucky enough to be thinking about upgrading your car to a more luxurious model, how do you go about choosing which one’s right for you? Sure, you’re looking for a bit of class, but you’ve also got to fit in kids, sports kits and a dog. This short guide brings you some of the more top-of-the-range options with the pros and cons of each.

Range Rover

This iconic member of the Land Rover family is famous for its rugged durability, wading powers and space but if you’re looking at the top end of the price range you get an awful lot more. Featuring clever tech such as a steering wheel that waits until you have your hands on it before lighting up and 10” touchscreens with every piece of information you could possibly need.
The downside: If you’re not a serious off-roader then spending a lot of money on this SUV seems a little pointless. Some reviewers have also described the steering as a little heavy and lacklustre when it comes to making turns.


Another solid performer in the high-end market and the New Mercedes AMG range is certainly one to consider. Unlike heavy SUVs the Mercedes handles beautifully, is fast and responsive.
Whichever model you go for, you’ll get the styling unique to Mercedes and the performance to match. Choose from coupes to SUVs for a model that gives you performance as well as room for everyone.
The downside: While there are Isofix fittings in many models, they aren’t easy to connect to. The sportier models are not aimed at families.


The luxury mid-range 5 series maintains its reputation for quality and comfort while being unfailingly reliable.
While it’s not the most exciting looking car, it is simply loaded full of great technical and safety features that come as standard.
The downside: It’s pricey and compared to other similar models doesn’t necessarily offer anything extra.


We’re looking at the F-type, a slightly more spacious sports car than other models in the Jaguar range. With a powerful engine and exhaust baffling system, it’s fast, fun and has the option of an extra driver safety package.
The downside: There are some questions over the long-term sustainability of this model so you might not be looking at a long-term investment. This makes it an expensive proposition. It’s also a little snug inside so not necessarily as comfortable as some of its other counterparts.

Buying a luxury car is exciting and gives you so much in the way of choice. There are some great features out there from infotainment systems that provide music, navigation and all your car’s information to vehicles that can park themselves. Shop around, go for some memorable test drives and find a model that combines all your needs, as well as those of your family.
If you can keep an open mind, then your local dealership might find you just the model you’re after. A great investment, a great drive and great fun.

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