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Top 7 Creative Ways To Surprise The Mother Of Your Children

There are times when your wife and the mother of your children wants to be shown that you love her. One thing is to say it, another one is to show it. Most of us tend to wait until their birthday or some important anniversary. But here you will find some really great, yet simple ways to surprise the mother of your children.

Of course, some of the ideas will cost money, but there are a few others that won’t cost you anything. However, they will require you and the kids to dedicate time to creating a beautiful surprise gift for your partner.

1. Send Them A Gift

You don’t have to wait until its some special event to send your partner a gift. Send them something unexpected and it will show them that you are all thinking about her. Arrange for the gift you’ve chosen together to be sent to where she works. Yes, you could possibly send her the usual gift of flowers or chocolates.

But you may want to consider sending something a little more unusual, say some of her favourite perfume or a beautiful piece of jewelry. Don’t go down the usual route when it comes to jewelry. Yes, diamonds are lovely, but pearls really do show your more romantic side. Even the most simply designed piece of pearl jewelry will add a touch of elegance to your partner’s outfit.



2. Prepare Breakfast In Bed

Just one Sunday get the kids up and make sure that your partner stays in bed. Then get the kids to help you to prepare her favourite breakfast for her. It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy, but something that you know she likes. Something as simple as some freshly scrambled eggs with some smoked salmon really is a luxury, but also healthy. Or, prepare the mix you need for pancakes and ask your kids to add the fruits they prefer.



3. Cook Her A Meal

Why not surprise your partner with a romantic meal one evening. If at all possible arrange to leave work early so you can prepare everything well in advance before she comes home. Make sure that the meal you plan is one that includes her favourite foods. Not only will a delicious 3-course meal fill her up, but really show that she cares. To really get the kids involved, if they are old enough, ask them to act as waiting staff for the evening.


4. Plan A Romantic Getaway

Do you have friends or family who would be willing to look after the children for say a night or two? If you do then why not plan to take your partner away to somewhere romantic, say Rome or Santorini.

Years ago without telling my partner, I arranged for good friends of ours to look after our daughter for the weekend and we went on a city break to Lisabona. In turn, we then looked after their son so that they could do the same.


5. Book Them Into A Spa

Most women would love the opportunity to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of family life even it is only for a few hours. So why not arrange to book them in for the day at the local spa. To make it even more enjoyable for them, why not get some of her friends to book in as well.   Although it is going to be a surprise, arrange with the spa to allow her to pick a couple of services that she would like to enjoy during her visit. Not only will they come out feeling rejuvenated, but they will love the time and effort you’ve put into providing such a beautiful and relaxing gift.


6. Try Out Something New

Over the years we tend to fall into a rut and being adventurous is no longer something we are interested in. Yet trying out something new as a couple or a family can really help to strengthen your relationships.

It is important that you try out something that you both will like or that is of particular interest to her. For example, why not try having some dancing lessons. How often have you sat and watched Strictly Come Dancing and you’ve noticed how interested your partner is in the way the competitor’s moves.


7. Create A Scrapbook

Spend time with your children creating a scrapbook of some of the major events in your life together. Yes, I know these days we often take pictures on our smartphones, but it is still possible to download them and print them off to create a scrapbook. You could even make a digital version if you feel that you have the skills or ask someone you know to help you. Make sure to let your children choose photos to include within the book as well.


So, as you can see from above, there are plenty of simple ways that you will be able to show the mother of your children just how much she means to you and them. It does not have to be complicated. Most of the times, the little pleasures transformed into creative surprises are more than enough!




Guest Post by Oana Mihailescu

Oana Mihailescu creates content for several blogs. In her spare time, she loves all things related to coffee, prosecco & traveling. Her biggest passion is exchanging information with others and building community knowledge.

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