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Top 5 Cashmere Sweaters with Review


Cashmere is a luxurious fibre from a cashmere goat and boasts a finer and softer texture than wool. It provides approximately three times more insulation than ordinary wool, keeping you warm and cosy, wear after wear. Don’t be fooled into thinking it is for Winter wear only. These cashmere sweaters have a well-defined place in cool evening wear during Summer too. So here is my rundown of the Top 5 Cashmere Sweaters for Spring/Summer 2017.

1. N.Peal

The N. Peal Spring/Summer 2017 collection of cashmere has been designed for an ageless professional who is thoroughly engaged in the cultural trends of city life. I know that this doesn’t apply to all Dads and this jumper is not the cheapest on the list but this is a lifetime purchase and an investment. This is number one because the quality is superb.

N.Peal are number one because the quality is unmatched. Also, they have a variety of styles. I love a hoodie. I notice the hood very rarely goes up on mine but to and from the gym the hood up is essential.

The peak of cashmere sweaters. Take a look at the sweater that Daniel Craig wears in Spectre. Don’t tell me Bond isn’t cool.

2. Marks and Spencer cashmere


£39 to £89 for a Cashmere jumper is very good value. Keep in mind that not all Cashmere is the same and the shape, stitching and general quality needs to be considered. Number two on the list for available sizes and a variety of colours. All available online.

Your mum puts her trust in Marks and Sparks and you should too. Take a trip to the store to try it on.

3. Boden

Boden Cashmere


Great sizing from Boden place them at number 3. Unfortunately, there is some doubt about the manufacturing process and the quality of the cashmere. It is clear that these are made in China. However, it is no worse than any other high street cashmere sweater and other Boden clothing has lasted. Typically, Boden clothes are practical and wash well which is a little unusual for pure cashmere. If this is true, then this is competitively priced jumper has definitely earned its place on the list. £64.50 To £91.00

4. COS

COS Cashmere


You might need the physique to carry this one off. I know my readers are not the same age as this model. In fact, some of you probably have kids his age. But if you can get away with it, this raglan-sleeve cashmere jumper is one to consider. Made from a fine knitted cashmere with an extra-soft, melange finish it has a relaxed shape and style. I’d say be careful with the sizing on this one as it has long sleeves but the neat ribbed edges and the simple round neckline make it one worth looking at. £115




Finally, UNIQLO. They have a great range of colours and sizes from XS to XXL. This men’s knit is made from luxurious 100% cashmere for a soft, gentle warmth. Again a simple crew-neck but V-necks are available too. It’s personal preference really. Try pairing it with a button-up shirt for the “Smart-Casual” look that employers put in employment contracts but everyone ignores on Fridays. Who came up with ‘dress down Friday’ anyway? £89.90

I’m always looking for style tips for Spring Summer 2017 (SS17) so if you spot something you like online, let me know.

Check out my other reviews on Dad grooming products and simple style tips. Just because you’re a Dad doesn’t mean you are not a man. Don’t let yourself go!

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