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Time for Men to Change Attitudes to Common Health Issues

Men, the time has come to stop allowing embarrassment, fear or pride to stand in the way of getting common health issues seen to. Not only is it unnecessary for men to suffer in silence with a medical condition when there are many options available to them to find a treatment for it, but it is also essential that sufferers do not allow common ailments to escalate into much more serious illnesses.
In the build-up to Men’s Health Week, Pharmacy Outlet surveyed 1,000 men across the UK to find out exactly which conditions they are refusing to see a doctor, GP or pharmacist about. The findings were enlightening, with large proportions of the male population turning a blind eye to a broad range of potentially severe issues.

Take erectile dysfunction – a fifth of men in the UK said they have experienced this problem, yet over half (53%) of sufferers have not sought any medical help. Whether leading a healthier lifestyle or taking short-term medication, there are ways of overcoming this issue. What’s more, while typically caused by stress, erectile dysfunction can also be a sign of underlying neurogenic, hormonal or anatomical problems, so seeking professional advice is very important.

The same trend can be noted with some of the more common ailments men experience. For example, 59% of men say they suffer from constipation and diarrhoea, yet over two-thirds (68%) of this group choose to do nothing about it despite the potential consequences of leaving such issues untreated.
For the vast majority of common ailments, there are medications and treatments that are readily available, and many of them can be sourced without the need to go to a hospital or GP. There is no reason why any illnesses – whether big or small – should be left untreated and risk preventing men from living their lives unimpeded by potentially serious health issues.

Written by
Hitesh Dodhia, Superintendent Pharmacist, Pharmacy Outlet

Hitesh Dodhia

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