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The Skin on my Face Feels Greasy or Oily. What Can I do?

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Excess oil is a primary skin complaint for many men. Men have more active sebaceous glands, which control how much oil is secreted onto the skin. Heat stimulates this production so this will be heightened in the warmer temperatures. Not only can this lead to unwanted shiny complexions but it can also block the pores and lead to spots.

Try an alcohol free toner that cleans skin without stripping its natural moisturisers. Natural salicylic acid is the magic ingredient you need to look for. It helps to remove the layer of oil, leaving the skin with a matt finish whilst toning and tightening.

Deep cleanse with Tea Tree Oil. After shaving, cleanse skin with tea tree oil a natural antiseptic and antibacterial and a great ingredient to help protect from spots and shaving rash. This acts as an anti-inflammatory, addressing all the issues associated with post shave skin.  Most importantly it ensures pores have a deep cleanse following its exfoliation from the shave leaving skin in an optimum condition.

Use an absorbent filtering mask. The men-ü 3 MINUTE D-TOX mask is fast drying and deep cleansing.  The kaolin clay and witch hazel are great ingredients for removing excess oil, dead skin cells, impurities and blockages. This mask will leave skin clean, dry, smooth and firm. Good for normal, combination and oily skin.

Don’t think that you should skip moisturizer. Go for a matt moisturiser that is oil free and fragrance free with sebum absorbers that helps to combat greasy skin, especially around the T-zone. Exposure to air conditioning over a prolonged period of time dehydrates the skin causing dryness and tightness. It is important in this instance to keep a travel sized amount of moisturiser handy and apply (in seconds) two or three times a day. This takes just a few seconds and will offer long term protection. Wind, sun and extreme weather conditions all accelerate moisture loss which needs to be replenished on a regular basis. Choosing the right moisturiser helps to maintain the matt, talcum powder feel the skin thrives on.


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