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The best Science and Art magazine for 3-8 year old kids is OKIDO

OKIDO science and art logo
OKIDO is so cool!

This is amazing! One of those things where you think why has nobody done this before?

I’ve learned the hard way not to go anywhere near a newsagent or corner shop with my three kids. The bottom shelf magazines cause so many tantrums and arguments it’s just not worth it. The magazines are expensive and often the most popular magazines come with landfill, Chinese made plastic “Toys” that either break twenty minutes after opening it or are completely useless and get discarded.

What if there was something that would hold their attention, is eco friendly and is not so hard on the wallet?

Well there is! Get OKIDO!

OKIDO was created by Dr Sophie Dauvois and illustrator Rachel Ortas, and is beautifully illustrated by contemporary artists and designers.


It’s¬†designed for children aged 3-8 but it’s such a beautiful product that anyone can appreciate it. It’s printed with biodegradable vegetable inks on pages of 100% post consumer waste recycled paper or FSC paper (paper from responsible sources).

I get down to the kids level (on the floor) and help them do the puzzles, activities and games and I recommend you do to.

OKIDO is published every 2 Months and is available in a number of retailers or you can subscribe to OKIDO for £24 plus postage depending upon the country at

There you can pay by credit card, cheque or by calling 01795 597 847

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