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The Best Cars for a Romantic Road Trip

If you are celebrating a special event, or just would like to travel in style for your romantic trip, you will need to create all the comfort and luxury you can. There are some cars that are practical, others that are pretty, and even ones that tick all the boxes. Below you will find a few cars you might consider taking on a romantic road trip or a spa break.

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Honda Civic R Type

If you want speed and reliability, nothing beats the Honda Civic R type. While it is known as the ultimate family car, it is perfect for couples, too. It has all the space you might need for a road trip. Those with loads of bags and suitcases will not have to compromise on trunk space. Best of all, this car comes with Garmin satellite navigation so you will be able to find your way around almost anywhere that is on the map.


Mercedes S Class

For many people, Mercedes-Benz equals reliability and luxury, You will be able to enjoy the interior as much as the power. You will get a trip computer, so you can look back on your journey, if you feel romantic, and some of the most comfortable stets ever created with lumbar support. Enjoy DAB digital radio or stream your music through the advanced Bluetooth system. The Mercedes S CLASS is a great car to take with you on a romantic trip.

Kia Stinger

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Most people don’t associate Kia with speed and luxury, but this beauty is ready to exceed your expectations. It gets from 0 to 60 in just 4.7 seconds, and the GT trim is perfect for those ready to the open road. The low seating profile and ergonomic bucket seats will keep you comfortable, no matter how long your journey is. You will love the floating display screen, too.


Aston Martin Rapide

This car is a classic and screams luxury. No wonder why James Bond loves it. If you want a V12 engine, all the power you can ever wish for, and a rapid handling, you should take this beauty for a road trip. You can get up to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, and enjoy all the luxury and technology Aston Martins are famous for.

Ford Mustang Convertible

If you are hitting the highway and would like to see the best of the sunset while driving into the open, you will need this car. You will not only get the cobwebs out of your hair, but the V8 engine will also give you an adrenaline rush. This Grand Tourer is perfect for couples looking for more excitement and speed, no matter if they are off glamping or to a luxury spa for the weekend. With the latest sound system, you will never have to worry about the road or wind noise, either.


There is something romantic about hitting the open road and taking a break from the usual scenery. Consider one of the above models to take you where you want to go next time you plan a romantic trip.


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