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Team Shredded Wheat® Racing With DUO

Team Shredded Wheat with DUO

What an experience! I spent a day with Team Shredded Wheat® Racing with DUO, as they competed at Thruxton for the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). The guys at Motorbase Performance pushed the three Shredded Wheat® Race Cars to the absolute limits and I was embedded in the action, watching from the pit lane.

The BTCC is one of the best-loved, most illustrious and famous motor racing championships in the world and I was there as a guest of Team Shredded Wheat®.

Team Shredded Wheat
“Ok, you can get in. But don’t touch anything!”

Only Formula 1 and America’s NASCAR stock car series have longer histories – since its inception in 1958 it has attracted and captivated millions of fans around the world. The Championship comprises of ten race weekends taking place at circuits across the UK. Each event is a great day out for a family. The noise, smell and the speed of the cars is breathtaking. Maybe not for babies but there were plenty of young girls and boys collecting autographs and taking selfies with the drivers and team.

Team Shredded Wheat
Team Shredded Wheat drivers sign programmes for kids

Everyone at Team Shredded Wheat® Racing with DUO was lovely and obviously passionate about what they do. I had a fascinating insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes. From the engineers and  ‘data bunnies’ all the way through to the drivers and the pit girls, you can’t help but feel their pride in their work.  I was enthralled in the science and engineering behind racing. They race a Ford Focus but by the time the engineers have made the car race ready, the only recognisable part of a Ford Focus I could see were the door handles.

Me with Team Shredded Wheat

Minutes before the first race, I was invited to walk along the starting grid. This was amazing. There is a buzz on the grid, an urgency in the air, a certain intensity. Drivers wait patiently to get started whilst the media and select guests get to absorb the atmosphere.

Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo



Team Shredded Wheat


I genuinely love Shredded Wheat® and although it is breakfast cereal, I sometimes eat it in the evening. Probably not recommended by health and fitness professionals but I love them. I sometimes eat them with warm milk. Is that a bit weird? My kids think so. But healthy cereal is a priority in the morning. If we don’t have time for boiling eggs or oats then a whole grain cereal is a great replacement.

Team Shredded Wheat

Shredded Wheat® is a breakfast classic. It’s made with just one natural ingredient, delicious whole grain wheat. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just the way I like it. The wheat is sown, grown and ripened right here in Britain using a recipe unchanged since 1893. For more information about Shredded Wheat® and the sponsorship of the Motorbase Performance Team click here.


I’m working with Shredded Wheat in a paid relationship. Find out more about BTCC with Team Shredded Wheat® Racing with DUO here


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