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The Joys of Picking Blackberries with Family

Picking Blackberries is a fantastic way to spend time with the family. Turn off the TV/tablet. Grab a bag or basket and get outdoors!


Foraging for blackberries is the best thing to do late Summer with the kids. Think about it. It’s outdoors, it keeps them busy and you get Free Food!

It’s a pleasurable, healthy and zero-cost activity. Rosie, Delilah and Jonah loved our walk to Bug’s Bottom in Caversham on a Sunny Saturday afternoon late August.

Picking Blackberries
The locals not being very helpful

Most of the Summer has been a wash-out but, in the right places, the blackberries are still in plentiful supply.DSC_0448

I found one of the best places in the area for picking blackberries whist out on my morning cross country run. Although they often grow by roadsides, I’d avoid these with small children for obvious reasons but also because the traffic fumes may impair the fruit. My spot is also suitably sparse. For if a dog should decide to urinate on the fruit then the probability of the little ones picking and eating the tainted fruit is quite low. The same cannot be said for roadside picking.


What do we do with them? Make jam, maybe, or a simple compote?


We’ve decided to go for a Blackberry Tart. Shortcrust pastry and a hot oven. What could go wrong?

So should I tell you my local foraging spot?

Not likely! But there’s enough for everyone so get out there and find your own secret spot!