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Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor Review


Gillette fusion proshield razors

Gillette hooked me up with the new Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor to review. I have a number of posts on shaving but I have still haven’t mastered the art of a good shave. I have tried quite a few shave prep, oils, razors, post shave healers and so on. In this post, I want to capture the first time I have tried a controlled shaving test.

My experiment was to shave every day for 1 week. Believe it or not, I don’t think I have ever tried this before. However, there are a few things to get straight first. I applied Sudocrem to the underside of my jawline every night. This wasn’t planned, but having small children means there is plenty of the stuff knocking around. Anyway, if it’s good enough for sore bums then it’s good enough for shaving rashes. It helps to heal wounds by forming a protective layer over the vulnerable area, reducing the risk of infection, and also contains a mild local anaesthetic to soothe discomfort. Not cool but I guarantee you it works.

I get the correct amount of sleep, for various reasons (see about me). The skin needs time to heal so sleep and hydration are vital. The Eatwell Guide says we should drink six to eight glasses of fluid a day. Water, lower fat milk and sugar-free drinks, including tea and coffee, all count. I try my best to down at least the minimum recommended amount.

Now to the shave. I used hot water to soften the beard hair and then I applied Nivea Men’s Sensitive Shave Foam exclusively every day.

This Nivea Shaving Foam contains 0% alcohol. It is extra gentle and fragrance-neutral, which I’m a big fan of.  Like all shaving foam, it softens the beard hair further so that I can get a close and extra comfortable shave. I’m super busy in the morning, most likely I’m late, so I had to take as little time shaving as I could. I limited myself to just one stroke and only with the grain.

About the razor. Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor uses the highest performing blades from the Gillette brand. This razor is amazingly comfortable straight out of the box, but how will it fare if used every day? The blades have lubricating strips on the front and back, allowing the razor to form a protective shield, avoiding risks of irritation. Each blade is composed of five sharp blades for less tugging and more comfort when shaving.

But how long will it stay sharp?  A survey by Gillette found that men use the last razor four times more than the other razors in a pack. Effectively milking the last blade for everything. This is bad practice. The blades become blunt and if not cleaned properly, harbour bacteria that can lead to infection. You will know when the blade is blunt when it starts to tug hairs rather than cut through them cleanly.


The results:


Day 1:

Wednesday Whiskers. Easy enough, except I did open a cut just under my jaw. I forgave myself that one as I had a few days growth to tame.

Day 2: 

Thursday Tamed. No complaints at all. Not smoother than a baby’s bottom, as they say, but definitely presentable with no cuts.

Day 3: 

Friday Frizz. I can’t quite believe this but another successful shave. So what is it? The moisturiser, the sleep and hydration, the fact that I might get used to it? The less aggressive I am with the razor? Maybe it’s a combination of all these but having a razor sharp clean blade is fundamental.

Day 4:

Saturday Stubble. It’s the weekend. Do I really have to shave? Well, why not? It’s becoming a habit.

Day 5: 

Sunday Smooth. Starting to adapt to the routine.

Day 6:

Monday Moustache: Another work day so things had to be slick. No sign of the blade giving up yet.

Day 7:

Tuesday Trim: Last day. I have pulled off a week of shaving with very little collateral damage.


And we are done! Should I keep it up? I think so, It’s not the closest of shaves when only shaving with the grain. But sometimes close enough is good enough. Shaving regularly means that each shave is easy and it’s good to keep on top of it. Check out my post on subscription services. I’m starting to see a fall in hipster beard as a fashion statement. I like being clean shaven, I never shaved every day because it was so uncomfortable but now I have found a routine that works, I think I might just stick to it.