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Chalkola Chalk Markers for Chalk Artists – REVIEW

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Time to get creative. These markers work on many different surfaces plastic, glass and can rub off with a wipe. We decided to test them all. First up, we started with glass. The novelty of writing on something that they never would have considered before showed on their faces.

But then the art got serious


But don’t worry about mistakes, the chalk wipes off easily.


Pretty soon they succumbed to the craft of defacing the playroom window. Can’t say our windows were the cleanest but they are now covered in graffiti or street art as it’s called.

Beautiful multi-coloured slogans cover the entire ground floor study window. Hmmm.

They do look amazing as they catch the light from our winter sun. It’s almost as if they are fluorescent. They emit a brilliant coloured light that no doubt will be used by many homes very soon.

We then needed to find other material on which to try out the pens. Nothing was spared. But we did have a rule that each of us had to try a little tiny bit out of plain sight to ensure it would work.

“The Markers are used on Non-Porous Surfaces only (So it’s best to test a small area). Like – Chalkboards, Whiteboards, Glass, Plastic, Windows. The reason being that porous surfaces have small holes which can absorb the liquid chalk ink and sometimes it gets difficult to completely erase them.”

How does it work with a black chalkboard? Luckily we had one on the wall. I typically use this to record what time it was when something went in the oven. But the kids use it sporadically to write up a posh menu for tea. We used the smaller nibbed metallic pens for this. They work as a chalk but flow like paint. When dried on the chalkboard it is very neat. It’s easier to control a pen in your hand rather than scraping a stubby stick chalk to form rudimentary letter shapes.


In the interest of research, we then tried black paper. This wasn’t so successful but then the guys from Chalkola never said that it works well on paper. Still, check out the results in the image below. The metallic markers are great as they don’t have the same prep that the thicker markers require and they are loud. Like kids.


These marker pens will become a staple in our household. Is it a toy? Yes, the kids had a great time. Does it have any practical use? Yes, chalkboard and window writing. Think about writing the For Sale sign on your windscreen? Obviously, don’t drive it like that. But you get what I mean.

As always, I try to read ahead so there are no surprises for me or disappointment for the children. In this case, I was so happy I did.  Shake each marker for thirty seconds then push the marker nib on paper, making an in and out motion, before the colour started to flow. After this, lay the markers on their side for 90 seconds.

“Chalk markers as a medium have high-density Chalk Ink, due to which
new markers take 2 to 3 mins prep time – Once used the ink flows

The large markers are great as a substitute child-friendly poster paint but only because they are slightly less messy. The larger pens leaked as the little ones pushed too hard for too long.  The extra fluid that this expressed then splashed onto clothes or the floor. Not a big problem as it is water soluble and easy to clean…it’s just that it’s another thing to clean.



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