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Board games set to soar this Christmas

The sales of tabletop board games may increase this Christmas based on current research*.

It reveals that parents are planning to spend the festive season enjoying some traditional tabletop board games with their children. The market for tabletop games is booming as ‘quality time’ becomes more precious than ever before.

It would appear that a huge proportion of parents want to engage with their children in a way that’s entertaining, relaxing and meaningful.

UK sales of Children’s and Family Games increased substantially last year, up by 11.4% over 2014**, reflecting the enduring popularity of board and action games. It may also indicate that parents are coming to believe that families ‘who play together, stay together’ and are often turning to tabletop games in preference to screens and tablets for younger children.

There is a predicted 51% increase over last year in the purchase of table-top games (which include traditional board games and action games) among parents of 4-9 year-olds.


Enthusiasm for board games may well be rooted in parents’ own experiences as children. I recall happy times playing Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble with my family as a kid. All family members can take part and, while everyone’s attention is focused on the game, the sense of emotional bonding is palpable. Not only this but it is a fun way of teaching kids valuable lessons about sharing, taking turns and team working.

Gameplay can take a while to become established so sometimes so I like to change the rules slightly so each game runs its course quickly. You can always reset and play again! My kids are impatient. They want to know what to do right from opening the box. A word of advice for parents, read the instructions and understand the rules before taking the game out of the box. Be prepared! Accept the inevitable arguments about whose turn it is, or who has ‘bagged’ the favourite playing piece or who is cheating! Also, there are some games where everyone wins, if you know what I mean? : )


*Research was carried out on behalf of Drumond Park Games by Censuswide in May and October 2016. Two sets of 1,000 and 1,004 parents with children aged 4-9 years answered online questionnaires.

**Toy market – Information supplied by the NPD Group: