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Sole – runners insole MEN’S ACTIVE MEDIUM Review

How do I, a blogger, review a pair of insoles? I mean they are not the most exciting products to review but in my research (yes, I do a lot of research!) I visited a number of websites and spotted an issue that I’m currently struggling with which can be alleviated with insoles or shoe footbeds.


The sciatic nerve runs from the gluteal region, down the back of the leg, behind the knee, and all the way to the bottom of the foot. Most often, the piriformis muscle, which lies deep in the gluteal region,  puts pressure on the sciatic nerve.

I thought this condition was due to bad posture at my desk and I’ve been very conscious recently about sitting on my bottom with my back straight. But then SOLE – orthopaedic footwear brand asked if I was interested in reviewing a pair. I thought to myself,  well it can’t hurt to try.  SOLE who make footbeds suitable for running and other sports seemed to be the best option and many other sites agreed with SOLEs claims.


“If you are worried about sciatica, wear flat shoes (most of the time), shoes that fit you properly and that give you support. Sometimes, shoe inserts or orthotics can help with the posture and balance. Get assessed by a professional, so you get prescribed with inserts that will meet your specific needs.”

and said

“This study split the 62 subjects into two groups that compared “usual care’ versus usual care plus customized foot orthotics. The “usual care” consisted of a 6-week exercise therapy program and prescription analgesics. The study found that at the eighth week, the group receiving both usual care and foot orthotics reported greater improvement than the group receiving usual care alone. “

We had a bit of fun with the shoe inserts on Sunday morning. There is a rather novel way of getting the inserts to mould to your foot and that involves putting them in the oven. You can just put them into your shoe and wait for them to mould to your feet, but where is the fun in that? It would make for a pretty boring blog post too.

We lined them up on the baking tray and ‘cooked them’ for 3 minutes. Well, we thought it was 3 minutes. There was a smell of burning rubber that wasn’t too pleasant but I think we got away with it. They came out lovely and toasty. Whipped out the original inserts a stuck the new pair in. Very comfortable, but best to give them some time to settle in.

Performance footbed specialist SOLE has been giving athletes and fitness fans of every type and skill an edge since 2001. SOLE has now reinvigorated its product line with the new and improved Active Footbed range. Launching in November 2016, the new footbeds have Polygiene coating for added comfort and improved hygiene.

These luxury mouldable footbeds adapt through the heat of your feet and through general wear to fit perfectly. The 1.6mm of Softec Open Cell cushioning gives unique, custom support, reduces plantar fascia strain, improves balance and provides natural heel support to encourage good alignment of your feet and lower legs.  With a moisture wicking top sheet and polygiene anti-odour treatment, your feet will be able to breathe and stay fresh on those long runs and walks.


A considerable improvement in shoe comfort. I’m not sure about my sciatica. A recent holiday coincided with my testing so the act of simply being away from my desk may have had more to do with that. The new Polygiene material prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi at the source. This is great as a shoe store can start to smell like the inside of a kangaroo’s pouch if each shoe is harbouring a mix of bacteria.

The Active Footbed range is available from and selected sports retailers for a new lower RRP of £35.  I tried active-medium.

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