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Seamore – Seaweed Pasta

Seaweed Pasta

Check this out! Pasta made from seaweed!  Yes, SEAWEED PASTA!!

Seamore, a brand that is passionate about creating seaweed alternatives to your everyday foods sent some I Sea Pasta tagliatelle for me to cook up. I Sea Pasta is a low carb alternative that is full of rich, natural goodness, with 50% of your daily vegetables, 80% fewer calories and packed full of iodine, iron and Omega3.

Seamore is on a mission to change the way we eat, for a healthier, more sustainable future. As the driving force behind the brand, Seamore’s founder Willem Sodderland wants to replace half the world’s pasta with Seaweed alternatives that offer great taste, high nutrition and help the planet.

Seaweed Pasta

So why the need for change? As the population is sure to keep expanding at an unsustainable rapid rate, the most important question is how are we going to keep feeding everyone?’ as an estimated 9 billion people will be on the planet by 2050. Realistically, there isn’t going to be enough land to produce that amount of food, specifically if we continue to mistreat the land the way we do. So, whilst we have been crying out for the answers for years, this is all about the change in the form of seaweed.

Could a food that is packed high with fibre and gluten free from the sea taste nice? Well, yes. It didn’t taste like the sea or worse, low tide. It’s quite firm but textured just like ‘Al Dente’ tagliatelle. It has just a hint of not actually being pasta so you wouldn’t fool somebody. I definitely recommend giving it a go.

I Sea Pasta is available to buy online from Seamore for £4.95 and a wide range of stores which you can view here. In each bag receive 100 grams of dried seaweed, simply adding water will amount to 500 grams of sea goodness, suitable for five servings.


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