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Review of VARTA High Optics 5 Watt LED 3D torch flashlight


Have you ever found yourself having a tiny, but slightly annoying, “first world problem” that has developed from a niggle to be really inconvenient? I had one such problem where I let Buddy, my dog, out for his last toilet break of the day. He likes to wander off around the garden sniffing in the darkness. But I need to be sure that he has actually relieved himself and is not saving it for the middle of the night or that he hasn’t vaulted the fence for a late liaison with another dog.  A high power torch is exactly what I need.

I did my research and found that the VARTA High Optics 5 Watt LED 3D torch flashlight met my needs perfectly. It’s encased in aircraft grade anodized aluminium so is extremely durable and scratch, water and drop resistant. It combines high performance and energy efficiency with a sleek design. It’s startling to see how effective the 5W LED is. With an impressive beam range of up to 270m and a total light output of up to 440 lumens, the kids love aiming it at the sky like the floodlights of a Hollywood premiere.

It features a slidable head that changes the beam from spot-to-flood so it’s perfect for finding a hidden Buddy in a garden of sheds, climbing frames and composters.

Beam range: up to 270m
Runtime: up to 115h
Total light output: up to 440lm
Price £49.99


The High Optics range includes:

  • 3 Watt LED High Optics Light 3AAA, ARP £24.99, available at Amazon
  • 3 Watt LED High Optics Light 2AA, ARP £28.99, available at Amazon
  • 4 Watt LED High Optics 3C, ARP £39.99, available at Amazon
  • 5 Watt LED High Optics 3D, ARP £49.99, available at Amazon



All products in the High Optics range are available from VARTA now

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