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Review of the MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity Tracker

I’m often asked how to start a journey to good health and fitness. Not all Dads are into chugging protein shakes while trying to lift weights in a gym that is way too busy. Perhaps they need something that fits their schedule or their personal goals a bit better. A change in diet and amount of exercise is always a great start but recently I’ve been asking whether they are willing to invest in technology. If you are, then MYZONE fitness tracker could be just what you need.

Unlike other wearable fitness trackers, MYZONE shows and rewards EFFORT when you exercise. It analyses your personal handicap based on your maximum heart rate and creates bespoke targets just for you. This revolutionary focus on personal effort means you can compete with anyone on a level playing field; for example, you might finish behind Mo Farah in an endurance run, but if you exerted greater effort you will come out top because you’ve worked harder.

It is easy to track your effort through the MYZONE app by streaming real-time data including heart rate, calories burned and percentage of effort. These are shown in five simple colour codes starting with grey and ending on red to provide an at-a-glance look at your progress during workouts. The harder you work, the higher up the colour scale you go, earning you highly addictive MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs).

But don’t let the personal effort trivialise the use of MYZONE. It is the most accurate heart rate monitor on the market at 99.4% accuracy compared to an ECG machine. And unlike many other trackers, MYZONE doesn’t discriminate between exercise styles meaning you can score MEPs for virtually any activity from ice-skating to weight-lifting, jogging to climbing all of which is logged on your personal profile.

You can share your scores on the MYZONE app using WhatsApp-style messaging to connect privately or use Instagram-style photo uploads. It is also the only fitness tracker to notify you when you have reached the World Health Organisations recommended guidelines for exercise.

The MYZONE tracker is available as a chest belt and can be embedded into a sports bra or compression top made from the latest sweat-resistant materials. For more information, to purchase or download the app visit



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