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Review of The Indulgence Show 2017

From 29th September to 1st October, The Indulgence Show opened its doors for the second year to an audience of audiophiles, music lovers and inquisitive Londoners, eager to indulge their passions for the latest in hi-fi, portable audio and lifestyle products. With over 3600 people present, the 101 exhibitors, who were showing everything from in-ear headphones to ultra-high-end hi-fi and exquisite jewellery, across 165 brands, provided three days of entertainment and excitement to the very enthusiastic visitors.

The event takes place over five floors in the Novotel London West conference centre. A fantastic venue as each brand had a room to themselves to demonstrate their flagship products with minimal interference from other brands.

The 2017 Indulgence Show built on the strength of the 2016 event by adding notable names to the mix of headphone, portable audio brands and major hi-fi manufacturers, that included: Sony, KEF, Devialet, Arcam, PMC, Audioquest, Harman, Dynaudio and Audeze.

When I worked in hi-fi, many years ago, I was often asked could the shop provide somewhere for those that were accompanying customers but were not interested in demos or sales talk to sit and have a coffee with a magazine or paper. In a similar vein, The Indulgence Show has broadened the range of exhibiting brands to include non-audio based lifestyle brands. For example, The Ely Gin Company unveiled its range of flavoured gins; The House of Lovely Stuff launched a range of bespoke home furnishings and Brown & Hudson enticed visitors with their luxury personalised travel solutions.

But music is a huge part of The Indulgence Show and it’s why I was there. I’m personally really interested in what happens behind the scenes in the music industry. How is the music that the hi-fi systems are reproducing made and distributed? So I listened eagerly to exclusive seminars from some of the biggest names in music production. Miles Showell of Abbey Road provided an insight into the work he did remastering ‘The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ 50th-anniversary edition; Gary Langan took us inside ‘The Art of Noise’; Tony Cousins from Metropolis treated the audience to working with Peter Gabriel and Chris Kimsey highlighted the making of Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood album.

Some brief highlights for me were Devialet. Their visually stunning speakers and their novel way producing sound are outstanding.

PMC had their massive professional active speakers producing the type of sound that recording engineers want the listeners to hear. Not everyone gets to listen to the speakers that are used as reference speakers in many of the best recording studios in the world.

Finally, I have to mention the £500,000 system from Vertere Acoustics and FM Acoustics. Just because there are very few people in the world that can afford to buy it and I really wanted to hear if it’s worth the money. It does sound absolutely amazing but I think I can get close to absolutely amazing for a lot less money.



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