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Retro Space Hopper Holds Nostalgic Appeal

Oh Yes! The Space Hopper is making a come back. Nothing beats a Space Hopper for fun in the sun.

This icon of the 70’s that’s fondly remembered by almost every child of the time. The Space Hopper is no less appealing now, the large rubbery orange hopper and crazy face are back to delight another generation of children.

The space hopper is a heavy rubber balloon about 60–70 centimetres (24–28 in) in diameter, with two rubber handles protruding from the top to hold onto. A valve at the top allows the balloon to be inflated by a bicycle pump or car-tire pump. But get this, there is a foot pump included!! No more scrabbling around at the back of the shed.

Okay, let’s give this a go



The kids can sit on top, holding the two handles, and bounce up and down until the balloon leaves the ground. By leaning, the driver can make the balloon bounce in a particular direction. In practical terms, this is a very inefficient form of locomotion, but its simplicity, ease of use, low cost and cheerful appearance appealed to the little ones.


We tried a few games. First up was racing. Simple point A to point B

Delilah going to the Starting Line






The Space Hoppers inflate to 60cm which was too big for Joey to get onto. To be fair, it is clearly marked as 5+. So I let a little air out and he could join in. No one gets left behind.


The retro classic Junior Space Hopper is just the thing to get kids active.

Stop taking pictures Dad!


What would happen if…?

Then things got crazy as the older kids experimented with hills. Not to be advised!




The Space Hopper is easy and quick to inflate. Also deflating, to save space,  was quick. These are a brilliant way to get kids outdoors. I must admit I had a go myself but my aching knees impaired my performance. New to the kids and vintage to me. I left it to them

…and relax

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