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Puzzle Club. The magazine for children aged 7 to 11

Puzzle Club is a fun, colour magazine for children aged 7 to 11 who are working towards Key Stage Two (KS2).

The magazine was launched late last year and is a 64-page compendium of different puzzles, from crosswords to wordmazes and sudoku puzzles, all designed to engage children and allow them to learn in a fun way.

I’ve previously posted on magazines for kids that I like as they have great illustrations and fun content that can indirectly improve learning.

But Puzzle Club is slightly different. Yes, it

  • Is a great way of keeping children occupied on a long journey
  • Improves their pen skills and problem solving
  • Is available to buy in WHSmiths, as well as all large supermarkets and good newsagents

but Puzzle Club is specifically targeting Key Stage Two (KS2) students.

Puzzle Club is produced in association with renowned educational experts Pearson, along with a panel of primary school teachers and the content is spot on. I love the idea of colour coding the subjects per page. Also, as the subjects are not in any particular order, the kids turned the pages and moved swiftly through subjects. It keeps them interested and blurs the boundaries between subjects.

Take a look inside with this Sample

As part of the launch of Puzzle Club, Puzzler Media, commissioned research into the use of puzzles in education. The report, which was compiled by the University of Cambridge, shows that using puzzles, in addition to standard teaching materials, can improve student learning.

With more than 65 crosswords, wordsearches, logic and visual puzzles and only ¬£3.99 per issue, it’s good value for money. Subscriptions are also available from the puzzler website.

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