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Project SHOUT – FireAngel’s Portable Carbon Monoxide Alarm

FireAngel’s portable carbon monoxide alarm: The winter holiday essential you might have missed.

We packed our bags and went to Amsterdam for a Christmas break. We packed everything. Each of us had a small suitcase and we managed to cram a lot in. However, one safety essential we did not have was a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. I never thought of it. But that is where project SHOUT was born. This is a National Campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas, which causes over 200 people to be hospitalised every year, leading to around 50 deaths. It is known as the ‘silent killer’ as you cannot see, taste or smell it (project SHOUT).

Oh, I thought. That is quite serious then. But why would I need one when travelling?

“40 people have been killed or injured by CO whilst staying in a tent, caravan, holiday cottage or boat in Britain in the past two years alone.” (Gas Safe Register)

Wow, this is disturbing my peace of mind now. Luckily, you can buy a portable, travel size CO alarm. FireAngel’s CO-9X 7 year portable CO alarm is ideal for this. It will alert you and your family to CO emissions from boilers, gas fires, log burners and many other fuel-burning appliances.

It is no bigger than a bar of soap and easily fits into a suitcase. When you arrive at your accommodation and the bags burst into your room, an explosion of underwear and toiletries, simply place the alarm on a shelf and switch it on. The internal power pack and sealed batteries mean the alarm will detect CO for 7 years, helping you and your family to be CO safe on holiday for years to come.

I love simple solutions. Just don’t forget to take it home with you.


The FireAngel CO-9X is available from FireAngel

For stockist information along with hints and tips on how to stay safe from CO, visit

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