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Penclic B2 Review

Recently, I have been experiencing shooting pain down my right arm which I am 100% sure is due to sitting at a desk all day. I’ve tried a few changes to my desk, tools and posture and these small changes have made a difference but old habits die hard and before long the symptoms return. My employer is keen to ensure that I am not injuring myself when performing my tasks but there are many variables and finding a combination of tools and habits that work takes a long time.

I am currently working with a brand called Penclic who create Scandinavian designed computer accessories.  They provided a sample of their latest Mouse for me to try out. The B2 is a sleek pen in striking white. It both looks and feels amazing, connecting seamlessly through Bluetooth. The B2 can be used on both Mac and PC and operates on any surface without a pad or tablet combining contemporary design, superior ergonomics and function.

There is a little brain retraining to do to make the leap from mouse to penclic. Both of my hands typically rest on my keyboard, typing. My right arm swings out to the right, parallel to the desk, to land on the mouse from above. My mouse has big left and right buttons with a scroller in between them. I know exactly where my hand will land, without looking, and my index and middle fingers can’t miss the buttons. But this is, unfortunately, bad technique and needs to be unlearned.

With a little commitment, you can retrain your muscle memory. In order to catch the pen, you need to push your hand forward so that the shaft lands between your thumb and index finger. Not a big problem and if the current use of the mouse is causing injury then it’s time for a change!

Penclic is £79.99 and available from the penclic shop

December 2019 – Updated version available here

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