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Oakwood Theme Park


“We went on the merry go round. Jonah sat on the elephant and I sat on the horse” – Delilah


Torrential rain did not deter us. I checked the forecast and the sun was expected about lunch time. A number of rides were shut due to inclement weather so we had to hunt down the rides that were still open. It turned out rather well as the park was almost empty and when the sun came out we walked straight onto the rides.

Oakwood Theme Park is home to some of the fastest, most extreme, stomach churning rides in the UK. But the jewel in the crown is Megafobia. It is repeatedly voted the UK’s number one wooden roller coaster, it attracts coaster enthusiasts from all over the world and it’s even faster in the wet!


From the amazing Megafobia, to Speed, the ride for the bravest. On this occasion, I was the bravest and I had to queue on my own. There didn’t appear to be any single rider queue and the cars repeatedly departed with empty seats but I only had to wait about 15mins which, in a theme park, is nothing. Speed has a 90º vertical climb followed by a sheer vertical drop into a loop, a barrel roll and finishes with a punishing tight circle where the G-Force sticks you to your seat and the blood drains from your head while your jowls wobble. I loved it!

One ride that captured the adventurous spirit of us all was Treetops. We all got on the same car and shared the experience. Jonah (age 4) screaming at the top of his lungs and then wanting to go again and again was a highlight for me.

We brought our own picnic so can’t comment on the food on sale in the park. But having a picnic brought its own perils. Seagulls were stealing doughnuts from toddlers and wasps were operating in gangs on the hunt for sugar. We ate quickly and kept moving.
The staff at the park were helpful and very good with the little ones. Ok, there was the occasional discarded beer can and some of the facilities were a bit dated but the new toilets were clean and tidy and there was always a member of staff visibly picking rubbish and emptying bins.
I managed to avoid the water rides. I was surprised at how many there were. I can understand water rides in California or Mediterranean Europe but Wales? Brrr!
We had a relaxed wander about the park after lunch. Taking in the Teacups, London Taxi ride (Delilah’s favourite) and a super slide called the Moon Landing. Again, only I was the bravest.


Save money by booking in advance for a designated date.

Oakwood Theme Park

Canaston Bridge

Narberth SA67 8DE, Pembrokeshire

Tel.01834 815170

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