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New Year, New You – Mental health as part of a New Year’s Resolution


Mental Health.

Setting targets is a great idea. But this can place you under undue pressure as you may have overly committed yourself by aiming for an unreachable target. If you miss, negativity starts to creep in. You may start to feel like a failure, “I told my friends and family and they have all been so supportive, and now I have let them down”. Nonsense. You could start by not telling anyone. Just crack on with it. But I’m sure most of the friends and family will be supportive and anyway they will notice the changes and ask questions.

The other side of this, of course, is getting completely absorbed in what you are aiming for. Neglecting friends and family as you over train or do not eat in order to achieve Instagram-worthy perfection. Missing social occasions, being irritable because you haven’t eaten enough, all chip away at your mental wellbeing. It comes back to sustainability but unfortunately, fitness is addictive. That’s been proven. The runners high as endorphins kick in is applicable to any form of exercise. We all know how great it feels returning from a refreshing winter walk. Imagine that multiplied by 10.

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, is a sign of deficiency that can affect up to as many as 1 in 3 people. If you’ve ever wondered where the concept of “January Blues” or “Winter Depression” comes from, it may be down to the lack of naturally mood boosting Vitamin D!

The government has actually recommended that everyone take a Vitamin D supplement in the winter months in order to protect bone and muscle health.

Adrienne Benjamin, a nutritionist at explains:

“In recent years, vitamin D has been identified as being increasingly important for supporting health at all ages. As sunshine is the main way we get vitamin D and we see little sunshine in the UK, particularly in the autumn and winter months, we are encouraged by the government’s latest recommendations.”

Vega Vitamins have a High-strength hyper-absorbable vitamin D spray which is available at  for £7.95

Technology has marched ahead and it may be worth taking a look at Thrive. Thrive is a venture backed initiative that develops mobile apps to empower people to manage their mental health independently. Led by Psychiatrist Dr Andres Fonseca, and videogame legend Richard Flower, yes the Tomb Raider guy, Thrive uses gamification and augmented reality to deliver psychologically-proven methods for managing mental health.

Well worth checking out.

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