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New Year, New You – How to monitor progress as part of a New Year’s Resolution

Part 6 – Monitoring your progress

This can fall into the fad category for me. Logging everything I eat is a pain. I’ve tried numerous times to capture what goes in but it’s not sustainable. Work, family and living take up too much time to write down that you just ate an apple. But there are gadgets that make this easier. I consider my fitbit to be my personal assistant. It’s great for recording sleep, the distance of running or cycling and keeping an eye on my heart rate.

But small goals, like minor victories, are not enough to encourage me to keep going. Constantly checking in on how I’m doing just leads to frustration and that leads me to discuss weighing scales. I did have a routine appointment with Mr Salter every Saturday morning. But I have found that week to week my weight, body fat percentage and hydration can vary up and down. Of course, all scales come with an acceptable tolerance but either way, whether the numbers are up or down, it’s the long run that you need to consider.  K West Hotel & Spa’s Personal Trainer, Clifton Goldson has trained the likes of Calum Best and Southampton footballer Ryan Bertrand. His top tips for achieving fitness goals and how best to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle is to have defined targets and measure your results but again, steer clear of the scales!

“ Whatever your aim, it’s vital to set targets to stay motivated and to measure your progress. Steer clear of regularly using the weighing scales and instead quantify your progress using a measuring tape or before/after photos.” – Clifton Goldson

Better progress markers for me are the personal best at certain exercises. At one point in my Dad-Runner phase, I was determined to get my 10k time down to under 40mins before I was 40. The same applied to open water swimming. My aim was to get in under 24mins. The Brownlee boys can do it in 17 minutes, how hard can it be. I succeeded in achieving my goal by constantly improving every open water swim. But the personal best is only fleeting. I don’t think I could ever top the timing on the day recorded. I’m not getting younger. It’s good to have goals but upon achieving them, be aware that there will be another goal after that one.


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6, Monitoring Progress

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