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Millions of British men describe themselves as antisocial

Millions of British men describe themselves as “antisocial”. A quarter of all men had not been out with male friends in over two years, according to a new study.

The survey of 2,000 male adults also found that twice as many men are happier being on their own than surrounded by other people. This is much higher than I would’ve guessed but I can understand where this comes from. A certain amount of the population are natural introverts and shy away from social occasions.

Six in ten men consider themselves “loners”. They spend an average of six hours a day by themselves – with 20 per cent saying they simply don’t like other people.  65 per cent of men actively avoided going to social events, with four in 10 saying they wouldn’t attend one if they didn’t know anybody else there. Well, in fairness, it is hard to strike up a conversation with a room full of people that all know each other and share interests that you have no idea about or fundamentally disagree with. Imagine you are a WWF subscriber and you find yourself in a room full of hunting dentists. A quarter of men in the survey said they needed to prepare conversation topics in advance just to have something to say. “After I flossed my teeth the other day, I fired an air pistol at a domestic cat” – pathetic.

Behavioural psychologist Honey Langcaster-James said:

“This seemingly male inclination to want to spend time alone, enjoying their own company, could have its origins in our evolutionary history when our ancestors would have had to fend for themselves at times. The ability to be able to go out and hunt, in a self-reliant manner may have had survival advantages.”

Okay, this is getting interesting…primal, I get it, continue…

“Psychological research shows that females are more attracted to traditional masculine features and some women may be drawn to ‘strong, silent types’. This could be due to a primal instinct or subconscious belief that loners may be more self-reliant and therefore better providers.”

Yes, well said!

“When men want to be by themselves we shouldn’t necessarily label them as anti-social – sometimes it’s just in their nature.”



The study was conducted to celebrate the release of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back now available on Digital and DVD and Blu-ray 27th February.


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