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The Legends Barbershop – REVIEW

The Legends Barbershop

The Legends Barbershop has been keeping the barbering craft bang up-to-date with sharp styling and unique, expert-designed products for 10 years. Having recently unveiled their second store in London, The Legends Barbershop and its products are experiencing exponential growth.

The Legends Barbershop

I visited the shop on John Adam Street right next to Charing Cross Station where I was welcomed by Darius, the owner, who made me feel very welcome from the moment I walked through the door.

Darius sees barbering as a long term profession. It is something he is very vocal about. “You need hands on experience” and with his 30+ years in the trade, he has earned the right to speak out about the recent trend for short internet courses that promise a barbershop certification without having to put in the hours.  To counter this, The Legends Barbershop offers in-house training courses.

The Legends Barbershop

“We’re determined not to let the craft fade, so we also offer bespoke courses, training professional barbers to master their art.”

My hair and my beard were in a fairly tragic state. Using oil based products on my hair and not performing the routine maintenance required to keep a beard meant that Darius had to call on his vast experience to bring things under control.


Most visitors to The Legends Barbershop generally know what they want. Some arrive with photos of a style they saw in a magazine. Darius thinks this is great but is swift to set expectations. Having a fashionable cut requires maintenance and, as a Dad, you might not have the time to attempt styling it yourself every morning.

An interesting bit of trivia – Barbers wash the hair with your face down in the sink. Ladies hair salons traditionally washed with the face-up. This was to avoid the face getting wet and makeup ruined.

The Legends Barbershop

I had my hair washed and cut and then settled in for what was a relaxing traditional wet shave. There is a certain amount of ceremony that takes place as part of the wet shave experience. The conversation ended as the head rest was adjusted, products were applied and the world disappeared when hot towels covered my beard. This is old school barbering.

The Legends Barbershop

Before leaving I asked Darius for his top shaving tips.

  1. Try to shave every second day if you can. Give you skin time to recover.
  2. Don’t use alcohol-based products on your face. They dry your skin
  3. Only ever shave after a Shower. The steam opens the pores and the warm water softens the hairs
  4. Never use dull blades. Check out my other posts on blade changing
  5. Try not to use too many strokes


But he was keen to point out that he is always learning. You need to be a people person and listen to customers. A good barber can tell what will work and what won’t upon meeting the client. But ultimately, it’s the scissors. When everything else is stripped away, barbering returns to its first principle, the use of scissors.

The future looks bright for The Legends Barbershop. New shops and new products and maybe a barbering academy coming soon.

Strand branch

23 John Adam Street
Strand, London

020 7930 9500

Holborn Branch

12 Lamb’s Conduit Passage
Holborn, London

020 7430 1850

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