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Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque Review

Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque Review

Give your worries to the fairies with this interactive Worry Plaque! Fairy magic can take your worries from you with just one touch, leaving you worry-free. Just look at these stressed out  and anxious children. So worried about things that they need tea towels on their heads. (Editor-I have no idea what this was about)

The plaque glows red when you place your hand on it and think of your worry. When the fairies have heard it, the plaque glows green, signifying your worries have transferred to the fairies successfully.

Right, let’s give this a try.

This helps you from worrying too much” – Delilah

Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque

Did you know fairies use human worries to grant wishes? The energy in worries is ground down to make perfect wish-granting dust!

Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque


Learning about Maths.” -Delilah


This little guy was past worrying that he wouldn’t get fed or taken for a walk. The next trip to the vet was weighing heavy on his mind.

Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque

Also includes access to a collection of positive video affirmations from our human fairy, available for free on our website. Simply select the kind of worry you’ve given away, and watch Fairy Clodagh reassure you that your worry has been heard and all is well!

Irish Fairy Door Worry Plaque

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