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Infruition water bottle with fruit infuser review

Infruition is obviously a clever play on the word intuition. The word “intuition” comes from Latin verb intueri translated as consider or from late middle English word intuit, “to contemplate”.

So contemplate this. We need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Would putting fruit into water bottles make us drink more? Well, let’s find out!


Infruition water bottles are a simple concept. Water bottles with an inner chamber into which you put chopped fresh fruit and herbs. I’m on top of this hydration thing. I take my water bottle with me everywhere. Compared to Infruition my current bottle is heavier but then feels more robust. The spout doesn’t have a filter to keep fruit in the bottle so I can drink quickly. However, my Infruition is the sports model and, from what I know, sports bottles are designed for sipping rather than gulping.




The flavour infused water is nice to drink. I was honestly surprised. Included with your bottle is a little recipe booklet that gives you starter combinations of fruit, vegetables and herbs. I thought there would be a fair amount of experimentation in finding the flavours each of my little people would enjoy. But I keep it simple. Combinations of apple and grape or my personal favourite, Lime and Mint.



I’m wary of the sugar content in smoothies, cordials and sports drinks so I’m constantly looking for alternatives to save little milky white teeth from decay. Fair enough there is sugar naturally in the fruit but I’m speaking on relative terms here.



For kids at school or whilst partaking in sport water is best kept close at hand. They found the bottles easy to drink from and they didn’t leak when thrown into school and gym bags. There is a carry handle which is useful when hanging it from their bags with a carabiner. It’s easy to fill. Just plunge the chopped fruit in and close it up. At the end of the day, tip the fruit out into the composter and both the cage and bottle are easy to clean. The bottle can even go in the dishwasher if you can find room in yours, I couldn’t.

Available to buy direct at Infruition Shop

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