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How to Make Your Hair Shiny

Avoid having dull hair with expert comment from Anabel Kingsley. Anabel says

‘There’s no magic to achieving shiny hair. All you need to do is hydrate, condition and cleanse with the right products for your hair texture.’

Here are Anabel’s expert tips on how to make your hair shiny:


Hydrate your hair:

Hydrate your hair with an intensive pre-shampoo moisturizing treatment once a week. Moisturized hair has an intact, smooth and shiny cuticle while dry hair usually has a damaged, rough and dull cuticle. I’d recommend using Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer (£32 for 150ml)

philip kingsley elasticizer
Hydrated hair is elastic and does not break as easily. Lots of broken hairs can give you the appearance of dull and frizzy hair, and hair that’s all different lengths tends to stick out in odd places.

Use Conditioner:

Condition your hair after every shampoo. Shiny hair is hair that reflects light. You may have noticed that smooth surfaces are shinier and reflect light better than uneven surfaces. Well, this is true of hair surfaces too. It is why you use a hair conditioner. Conditioners immediately smooth your hair cuticle (the outermost layer) and allow light to easily bounce off of it.
Conditioner gets rid of tangles, so you are less likely to pull, damage and break your hair. Conditioner helps to close (or smooth) your hair cuticle so that the inner cortex is better protected and less likely to lose excess moisture.

philip kingsley re-moisturizing shampoo

Cleanse your hair daily:

Shampoo your hair daily. Clean hair reflects light better than dirty hair as dirty hair is covered in dust particles. Look at how much grease and oil can be wiped off of your face when you cleanse at night. The same applies to your hair.
Contrary to popular belief, shampoo does not dry your hair – it moisturizes it. The correct shampoo draws water into your hair and cleanses at the same time. I’d recommend using Philip Kingsley’s Re-Moisturizing Shampoo (£19 for 250ml)

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