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How to Get Rid of Dry Mouth – Grether’s Pastilles Review

grethers pastilles

I don’t talk much. I’m quite softly spoken and when talking in groups in a noisy environment I end up shouting to be heard. I get dry mouth and eventually blow my vocal chords. I am constantly having to clear my throat before speaking but inevitably I end up rasping like a dodgy starter motor on a Trabant.

I know that I need proper vocal technique. Breathing from the diaphragm and warming up my vocal chords with exercises. But breathing correctly takes a lot of practice and belting out Oohs and Ahhs before you speak might not be practical. Outside of the school of vocal training, I found a way of keeping my mouth from getting so dry, Grether’s Pastilles.

Grether’s Pastilles have a particularly soothing effect on sore throats, hoarseness, strained voice and a dry mouth. The carefully processed ingredients soothe irritation and coat overtaxed vocal cords like a protective film. Grether’s Pastilles develop their full-flavoured fruity taste thanks to the gentle and time-intensive production process and the unique three-month maturing process in special climatic chambers. Yes,  I seek-the-geek in everything!

These sugar-free sweets are made with a great deal of care, quality, tradition, and craftsmanship. Based on an original English recipe from 1850, they contain selected raw materials that are combined in a complex manufacturing process. With essences of sun-ripened berries and blossoms, effective glycerine and high-quality agar-agar, they taste unmistakeably intense and have a wonderful soothing effect on tired voices. So next time you find yourself straining to be heard or you have a public speaking engagement pop a Grether’s Pastille in your mouth beforehand and you’ll be booming like Brian Blessed in no time.

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