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How to buy clothes for your partner

Girl tucking herself in striped sweater

According to new research, millions of British women would not trust their partner to buy clothes for them. Eight in 10 females don’t think their other half could be trusted to purchase the perfect outfit – with questionable taste among the most common reasons why. Not surprising, within the circles I move in,  men are hardly able to buy clothes for themselves.

Also no surprise then that 76% of men would have no qualms letting their partner buy them something nice to wear. The theory being that if their partner chose it then it must make him look more attractive.

Gift buying is different. A third of women dread Valentine’s Day because they fear they’ll have to pretend to like what their partner gets them. If I’ve learned one thing in all my days, it’s no racy, lacy red underwear. Ever! The second biggest concern for both men and women when buying clothes for their nearest and dearest is that they don’t know the sizes and have doubts about it fitting correctly. How many of us blokes have gone into the underwear section of a major UK retailer and asked an assistant to help find something for their partner? The assistant’s first question is obviously,

“Well, what size is she?”

If this prompts you to put your hands out in front of you as if you are weighing up some grapefruit then leave, get out before the assistant kicks you out. It’s not funny and the assistant has had to watch this pathetic gesture at least a hundred times before.


The research of 1,000 women and 1,000 men in relationships was commissioned by Fits Me which allows internet shoppers to see exactly how garments look and feel. Stuart Simms, CEO at Fits Me said:

“Buying clothes for a partner can be especially tricky, not only with regard to choosing the right size, but as people tend to have quite fixed ideas of what they like.”

I’m full of top tips. Listen, she will drop hints. You just have to keep and ear out for them. But maybe that’s at the root of the clothes buying conundrum. Men just don’t listen.

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