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GILLETTE CLUB – Online subscription service delivers blades to your door



Here we go again. Shaving. Ouch!

I don’t shave regularly. The main reason being my sensitive skin. I find that at least a week has to pass before rubbing a blade on my face. Otherwise, it’s a bloodbath.  I’m sure many of you will agree. I went through a phase of over shaving for weddings or other ‘wear a suit’ occasions. I ruined a number of shirts by leaving blood spots on the collar. Top tip, line tissues along the collar and tuck them in before putting on your tie.

But have times changed? As I get older, has my skin become less sensitive? Have the blades or the oils and foams improved? On average, men use their last razor cartridge over four times longer than the previous three resulting in an inferior shave as the razor nears the end of its life. Taking the hassle out of having to remember to shop for new blades is one less thing to worry about. My contact lenses arrive every month so I never run out. I think reaching for a razor blade should follow the same model. A fresh blade as needed. To test this, I decided to try to shave every day for one week.

I chose Gillette as they have partnered with major retailers across the UK to deliver a convenient and easy way for the modern man to get blades shipped right to their front door, whenever they need them.

It’s easy:

1. Visit to select your preferred retailer.

2. Choose from Gillette’s best blades.

3. Personalise your plan based on your shaving frequency.

4. Order and get blades delivered to your home.

No red tape, no annual commitments, and no hidden extras. How cool is that? Sign me up.

I’ll log my progress and blog about it. So be sure to check back for the results.



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