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Fundels Play and Learn Review

Fundels Play and Learn


Our brains are 68% more active when we are having fun. The new Fundels Play and Learn educational card games range has taken this fact on board to create a series of card games that offer loads of fun as well as learning. The Fundels range combines entertaining and colourful games and packaging with themes like language, conceptual thinking and mathematics.

We picked up the draw with numbers game and I can’t refute the fact that the littles ones were completely engaged with it. I loved it too. I could doodle all day.  I think having the ability to roughly scribble out something like a penguin or a shark in seconds is a life skill. A pen and something like a napkin can lead to games such as “can you see what it’s going to be?”. Great for long journeys when the kids can do the drawing too.  Learning to draw animals or quirky faces using only squashed or stretched numbers is great for building up doodle skills.

With Fundels, the reverse works too. Find the numbers in this drawing or recognising and writing letters from a template and writing them out is great practice. You can also get organised and let the little ones write directly onto cards with an erasable marker that lets you start again. 

 Fundels will offer four games across three educational themes, each with its own colour — a mathematics game (red), a language game (green) and two conceptual thinking games (blue). The flagship premium games add to the fun of the card-playing experience with markers, dice and special wipe-clean cards for writing, all packaged in highly robust cases that are easy to carry and store. Flip a mini-card and write a word! Race your fellow players to win a counting game! Use colours and shapes to build different images! And make any drawing using the numbers 0-9! 

There’s a pocket money-priced ‘standard’ version as well, which offers a take-anywhere-play-anywhere deck of regular flash cards full of exciting spelling, counting and drawing fun.


Fundels Play and Learn offers even more! All games are aligned with the UK national curriculum — so kids can benefit in the classroom from the fun they’re having at home.


Premium games are priced at £9.99 and the standard games at £3.99. Available in store at Tesco, John Lewis and WHSmith. @Fundels

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