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Distinctive Washing Powder for Men

Distinctive Washing powder for men

Am I a bit odd in attempting to wear one distinct scent? I go out of my way to ensure I don’t smell bad but in doing so I risk smelling of about 5 or more competing scents. Shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, shaving and hair products, and then the washing powder or fabric softener I use. I have been experimenting with no scent products for a while now. Isolating one scent that doesn’t clash with others.

Something caught my eye on Twitter the other day. Distinctive, a washing powder for men. And so another variable has been added to my experiment. Could I eliminate all other odours by using unscented products but always smell of clean clothes?

I contacted Distinctive and asked them about a trial. They agreed and here’s what happened.

Men's Washing Powder

“Distinctive’s ‘magic ingredient’ acts like a sticky bud anchoring fragrance molecules to your clothes. Your clothes will smell distinctive when they leave the washing machine and as body-heat, or the heat from the sun activates Distinctive, the hotter you get, the better you smell.”

Wash at 30/40 degrees. This is the optimum temperature for the Protease enzyme to do its job, giving you a deep down clean with superior rinsing. Scoop the correct amount of powder as recommended but don’t add fabric softener. Distinctive fabric softening works like the ion and particle exchange process in a dishwasher so you don’t need to add additional fabric softener. By not buying a fabric softener you are saving money and space on the shelf. Bonus! One bag of Distinctive is all you need!

Upon opening the washing machine door you are hit with the seductive masculine fragrance, which combines the opulence of amber with the calming notes of sandalwood. However, once dried the base fragrances don’t overpower you from a distance. But get up close and personal and there is a subtle but distinctive scent.

Men's Washing Powder


Of course this is not just a washing powder for men. Distinctive can be used as a family washing powder too. Oh and all Distinctive washing powder surfactants are biodegradable and phosphate free!

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