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Dadpreneur – The modern working father

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The Dadpreneur Movement aims to shine a light on the issues and challenges facing the modern working father. It is the brainchild of Founder and President, Holly Tucker.

Long working hours and commuting can put a strain on time and relationships at home and as such fathers in the UK are missing out on important stages in their children’s lives. As a father, I appreciate how challenging it can be to ensure you have quality time with your kids especially if both parents are working. The concept of firing your boss and doing what you love is not new but the Dadpreneur Movement is a platform where Dads can get creative and entrepreneurial with a little handholding from one of the fastest growing online retailers in the UK.

A survey of over 1000 UK Dads of children aged 16 and under revealed that six out of every ten Dads are only spending quality time with their children at the weekend. Long working hours and being too tired given as reasons averting them from valuable family time. A further 62% of Dads have missed a parents’ evening and over half have missed out on big milestones in their children’s lives such as first steps, first words and even school awards ceremonies. If you feel you are missing out on building those special memories with your children because you are balancing a busy career with a family perhaps it’s time to step back and reevaluate.

“We are keen to champion fathers and the importance of the role that they play at home. Dads are often forgotten and whilst the issue of Mums struggling to ‘have it all’ is well known we felt that the issue of Dads and their work life balance had been neglected. Through our ‘Dadpreneur Movement’ we want to encourage dads to launch their own flexible, creative business and tap into their passions and hobbies as an alternative to the 9 to 5.” – Holly Tucker

Recent research has revealed the importance of father and child alone time. A number of Dads feel, if they had more time, they would help teach their children some important life skills. Things like riding a bike, basic science experiments and teaching them self-defence techniques etc. The Dadpreneur Movement want to extend this and have organised a number of workshops that bring Dads together and teach them new skills with the intention that the Dads will then pass the skills onto the kids. Best of all, Dad Academy is free!

Dadpreneur at DadAcademy
Dadpreneur at DadAcademy

I was delighted to be invited to the second of such classes. Bread Making for Beginners was a super organised couple of hours in, London. The hands on class was given by Liz Wilson of Ma Baker a micro bakery in the heart of Fulham, London. Liz shared her knowledge, experience and passion for homemade bread with a class of 11 post work Dads. There was no slacking as we got hands on and learnt the secrets to making delicious home-baked bread.


The next workshop Dad Academy are running is a MINECRAFT LEGO ENGINEERING class on 1 SEPT @ 6.30PM again in Kettners. This is obviously right up my street as the London based Mini Engineers will help you dive into the world of Minecraft through LEGO. I recommend that you sign up as soon as possible as spaces are in short supply.

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