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Cornerstone Quality Razor Blades & Shaving Supplies Review


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Welcome to my latest post on grooming or to be more specific Dad grooming! I make the distinction between the two as being well-groomed is harder when you don’t get a lot of time to spend on your appearance and when you do, you probably share the bathroom with a four-year-old.   As an authoritative figure on all things Dad Grooming, I’d like to introduce to you to Cornerstone Quality Razor Blades.

Cornerstone is a thriving British success story. They raised £1m through crowdfunding with the ambition of creating the best possible shaving experience.

“Having suffered for years with sensitive skin, I was determined that shaving should no longer be an uncomfortable daily chore, but instead something to look forward to and enjoy – a familiar, personal ritual that gets your morning off to a great start.” Oliver Bridge – Founder


I previously used a Gillette ProShield and I have been really happy with it and I’m one of those “If it’s not broken don’t fix it” type of guys. So why would I switch to an alternative? There is no ‘CompareTheMarket’ for men’s toiletries so it’s a case of trial and error. Which means that you end up constantly chopping and changing routines, mixing in some Christmas gift sets, duty-free splurges and some hand me downs. All a bit messy. So in steps the Cornerstone Shaving Supplies Subscription.

Cornerstone is a new shaving subscription and delivery service that offers high quality, UK-made razors and products to men across the country. Shopping for toiletries isn’t much fun, so Cornerstone re-stock your bathroom cupboard for you – sending shaving supplies when you’re running low. Simply choose what you want in the box, specify how often you want it delivered, personalise your razor (free engraving!) and wait for them to arrive.

#StartYourDayRight Join at .

Cornerstone sent me a beautifully packaged set to try out. It included;

Shave Gel (£6) A blend of eucalyptus oil and ginger extract to give a comfortable, irritation-free shave

#StartYourDayRight Join at .

The subscription service is based on the rate at which you use shaving products. Which makes it really flexible. Chose your delivery based on your shaving patterns as below;

Shave 5 – 7 days a week  =  1 box every 6 weeks

Shave 2 – 4 times a week =  1 box every 12 weeks

Shave once a week or less =  1 box every 18 weeks

and then customise the products to be included in each box.

I love the post shave balm and scrub. The products have a very distinctive and masculine scent. The overall design and efficacy of Cornerstone’s products make it a true contender in what is a very competitive market.


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