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Remington MB4045 Beard Kit Review

Ah, the bearded lifestyle. Never thought that my laziness would become a fashion statement. Unfortunately, keeping a beard takes a little time and care. There is a subtle difference between wearing a beard and not shaving for some time. The lovely people at Remington noticed that I tended towards the latter and asked me would I like to try their Beard Kit.

I wasn’t aware that there was a difference between a beard trimmer and hair clippers. But the excellent beard trimmer guide at explains it well,

“Clippers excel at cutting hair on the head, but the spacing of their teeth and width of their blades make them ineffective and uncomfortable when used close to the face.”

This kit comprises a premium stainless steel beard scissors, a mixed boar bristle beard brush, a cordless, lithium powered rechargeable clipper and various comb attachments.



This trimmer is easy to handle. It sits well in your hand with a nice even weight distribution. It’s a manageable size and the outer casing has a nice tactile finish. This offers a great deal of control and with the additional tools in the box, it takes the hassle out of your beard grooming routine.
I don’t have a long beard. I’m a middle-aged father of three, how much of a hipster can you be? But I can appreciate that the extra long combs are something of a specialism. You won’t find them in other hair and beard trimming kits. I also managed to catch falling hairs in the sink rather than having the trimmer shoot them all over the bathroom. But I like to think it was because I was able to control the trimmer.  The trimmer is easy to clean and includes a little sweeping brush as do all trimmers these days.
The Titanium coated, self-sharpening blades cut through hair with no pulling or snagging. It includes a Pop-up trimmer for detail styling and combs of various lengths
  • XL length adjustable comb (20-35mm)
  • Short length adjustable comb (1.5-18mm)
  • Stubble comb (1-5mm)


  • No snagging
  • nice ergonomic design
  • battery life


  • no case or bag to hold all the kit
  • a little bit noisy



If you are tempted to grow a beard, then this offers great value for money as you attempt to keep things tidy along the way. It is an excellent gift for the man in your life too, bearded or not. It’s a kit, not just a trimmer, so it includes a lovely beard brush and good quality scissors.


Available from Amazon and from Remington £34.99

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