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Helping Your Son Or Daughter Appreciate Motorsport

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Kids are kids, and we should never force their interests or tell them what they should find exciting. However, there’s a difference between that and sharing your passions, your insight, and your interest. Often, children learn through osmosis, meaning if you are passionate about something, they can feed off that energy and apply it as their own. This can give them a sense of true excitement and knowledge. 

If you’re here, you likely at least have some passing interest in motorsports or cars in general. This is excellent. Unfortunately, it is also a sport in which it can be difficult to pick up and practice yourself. While you might be able to kick a soccer ball in your back garden, it’s unlikely that you can help your child get their first Formula 1 driving experience for their tenth birthday.

This means that you need to be practical and textured in your approach to sharing your passion here. We would recommend the following advice:

Bring Them To The Events

If there’s an event with a reasonable driving distance to your home, it can’t hurt to attend. Motorsport is one thing to watch on the television or to enjoy risk-free bets to make the game more interesting, but sometimes, you need to see things in person. Heading there can help you see the vehicles up close, perhaps even meet some of the team’s hardcore supporters. If you get a good spot near a pit stop, or perhaps as close to the start and finish line as you can, you may see some incredible action. Don’t be afraid to look around, however. Spotting an area with two intense corners may help you see some excellent overtaking action. Just be sure you’re equipped with refreshments, food, and some competent patience. This can be a great time to invest in your child in the history of the sport. Most people remember their first stadium attendance. This can be the equivalent.

Play Video Games

There are many excellent video games that can help your child enjoy racing, getting into the action and seeing just how efficient vehicle handling works. The MotoGP series is great for showing the true finesse of handling high-capacity motorbikes, while titles such as Forza Horizon 4 balance careful arcade gameplay with realistic driving inputs. Video games such as these can also be played cooperatively, and take stunning attention to detail to realize said vehicles in a beautiful form. This, coupled with watching the games on television, could be a great idea. What’s more, is that all racing games usually have a universally suitable age rating, but be sure you research how the game handles crashes beforehand. Some are a little gratuitous. The sweet spot is finding a game that helps the impact of a crash remain respected, but isn’t overly dramatic in its depiction.

Attend Car Shows

There are many excellent car shows out there. But it can also be that attending some of your local classic car exhibitions can help them see vehicles in all their forms, and thus they might be interested in viewing old footage of said cars racing. Car shows provide the basis of a bonding experience, especially to this end.

With this advice, we hope you can better help your son or daughter to appreciate motorsport.