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Making Travel Possible as a Single Parent – Guest Post

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Making Travel Possible as a Single Parent. 

from Patty at


Travelling as a family is difficult.

Travelling as a single-parent family? Don’t even get me started.

Many people want to travel and make the most of their lives but it can be difficult, especially when there are children, school and finances to worry about.

Not everyone is rich and not everyone can drop what they are doing to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation. And that is why I am writing this article. I want to help others like me – like you.

I am a single parent and I want to travel. Making it happen is harder than it needs to be but it is possible and I want to share with you what I did to make our upcoming family trip happen. Let’s take a look.


Travel Rewards

If you are anything like me, then you are lucky enough to have a credit card. I may be careless with it sometimes but I have gotten much better over the years. When I chose my credit card, I chose one that offered travel rewards on the purchases I make. This is because I always did want to travel and figured it would eventually come in handy at some point and it did.

Since I use my credit card a few times per month, I have racked up thousands of travel points. While I could use the points on an airplane ride, I chose to use them towards our hotel stay. Yep, I don’t even have to pay for a single night at the hotel. How cool?

If you want to earn rewards like me, make sure you look for travel rewards cards and find out how much you can earn and what the points can be applied to. Some companies restrict the use of your points so do watch out.


Look for Affordable Options

This is probably the most important point in this entire article – LOOK FOR AFFORDABLE OPTIONS. Yes, that $500 front row ticket to one of the last opera shows ever seems like a great deal but is it really?

While the above may be an extreme rendition of a non-affordable option, many people blow their entire budget when they take a trip, especially one with their family. As a single parent, I need to make sure that I budget and stick to it.

Before I make any plans on where to go, I list out some of the places we would like to go. From there, I will take a look at local events going on at the time and also what free and limited-expense activities there are. For example, many cities and local counties will have wonderful events come holiday time and even throughout the summer. You can catch concerts in local parks, carnivals in the summer and similar. It is a good idea to take advantage of these because they are usually free and they will keep you entertained for hours at a time.

Another option, as mentioned, is limited cost activities. What I mean by this is activities that do not cost you a lot of money. For example, hiking in the local park may cost a couple of bucks per person or heading to the beach may cost $5 for parking. These types of activities will keep you and your family busy for the entire day and you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to do so.

Activities are not the only things you need to look at affordable options for either. Think about food, drinks, and more. Why spend $20 per person to eat at the on-site hotel restaurant when you can spend $20 at McDonalds. Yes, I know, not a healthy example but you get my point. If your hotel has a mini kitchen in the room, you could even cook a meal for your family for much cheaper than both options mentioned above.


A Family Trip Does Not Have to Be Expensive

A family trip, especially one as a single parent, does not have to be expensive and you can enjoy your time out but do set a budget for yourself before you start to make plans. This way, you do not find yourself draining your bank account slowly.

As I mentioned above, take some time to look for free or limited cost activities and use your extra money to splurge on something nice one day for everyone.


Working Mother Life

Patty is blogger-in-chief over at Working Mother Life. Follow her on Twitter @WorkMomLife for more articles, tips, and tricks.