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BJJ Lesson 9 – How to move from side control to full mount

Friday nights beginners class. A room full of white belts with various experience. We warmed up with running forwards, backwards, changing direction and hopping on one foot. A bit of fun. Then we moved onto the demonstration.

When you have someone in ‘side control’, you have the control. Side control can be described as having your opponent on the mat and on their back. You control your opponent by keeping your knees and the tops of your feet on the mat, your chest is on top of theirs but running perpendicular. You then use your arms to hold them tight.

We drilled the move from side control to full mount culminating in a kimura. Then we sparred for 20mins starting from side control. No matter how much drilling I did before hand when you have a more experienced opponent they will wiggle and shrimp to work their way out. I lost more times than I won. But I did have an injury. I took a knee to the ribs two days before. They are a major weak spot for me. Any blunt trauma, knee, elbow or fist and that’s it, game over.

So, my take away from this class, outside of the techniques, is to use my hips more and keep them low to the mat. Also, don’t train with an injury, it only makes it worse and delays recovery time. Rest is best!


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