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BJJ Lesson 27 – Black Eyed Me

I’ve no idea how it happened exactly. I think my partner was going for a triangle or something that involves kicking your legs up high from your back on the mat. I suspect that at the same time he made his move, I made mine too and we clashed in an unfortunate way. His knee coming up as my face was coming down. But it wasn’t painful. It didn’t stop me continuing the roll either but after showering and heading home my eyebrow was starting to swell.

Following morning the bruising was unmistakable. I couldn’t hide the shiner. A black eye that looked like I was wearing eye makeup. It’s not a bad injury because it didn’t keep me off the mats and away from training but it certainly is noticeable.

The medical term for a black eye is periorbital hematoma. I always thought that it came from an injury to the eye but it is commonly due to an injury to the face rather than to the eye. It is caused by bleeding beneath the skin and around the eye.

Two weeks later and there is still discolouration but I’ve gotten used to the ribbing from the guys at the club, the curiosity of work colleagues and the stares from strangers as I went about my day.

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