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BJJ Lesson 15 – Seminars

Last night I attended a seminar at Mathouse run by the brilliant Charles Negromonte. For those who don’t know who Charles is check out this video.

Or follow this link.

Charles Negromonte is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, under Zé Radiola, and a member of Roger Gracie‘s RGA association. He has gained medals in important international events such as the IBJJF World No-Gi Championship and European Championships (Gi and No-Gi) as well as CBJJ’s Brazilian Nationals and the UAEJJF’s Abu Dhabi Grand Slam – London.

He was in the club to impart some of his knowledge to a range of ranked students. It started with a warm up and then it was straight into a takedown or sweep. It was a more advanced technique than I think I could get into but I certainly took away some great tips and Charles was happy to answer any questions as we drilled the new move and a number of variations to counter a defensive move by your opponent.

We then did this sparring/drilling session where we all picked a number and when your number was called you took the mat and then the other numbers tried to defend the technique you had just learned. This was exhausting and a number of minor injuries were incurred by everyone. In fact, it became a bit of a running joke for those in the queue. We then had some downtime where we could ask Charles any question whilst sitting in a circle and I don’t know about the others but I was looking forward to hitting the showers. But Charles had other ideas. He opened the mat for sparring and was in there himself rolling with the guys.

It started at 7pm, ran till well after 9pm and was absolutely brilliant. Mathouse often has seminars or masterclasses of this type which offer something unique to your training. Not only is it someone else’s opinion or style but also their experience and knowledge of BJJ. If you get the opportunity to attend one, jump on it. Thoroughly recommended.


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