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Bizzy Bitz play build create

Bizzy Bitz is a brilliant toy for creative minds.

The unique toy, Bizzy Bitz, was invented by Mr Alta and Mrs Rachel Fogel who have both been working with children for over 25 years. They are a husband and wife team with 12 children of their own. They have put a lot of hard work into developing Bizzy Bitz and I like where they are trying to take construction toys. See them pitch Bizzy Bitz on the UK Dragons’ Den and you’ll understand.

I like the idea that there is a combination of geometry and logic. I think you could only compare it to LEGO on the basis of it being an injection moulded plastic construction toy. Bizzy Bitz is slightly different.
Bizzy BitzYou can move parts and click to other parts and transform what you originally started with. My little ones are lost in the pure joy of creating and for me there is a satisfying click, similar to popping bubble wrap, when making connections. It’s almost therapeutic. When connected, there is a certain amount of give in the ball and socket joints (Anatomy lesson there!) which means you can make chains and snakes as opposed to LEGO, brick based, construction. You can make so many different things with this as the pieces all twist and turn in different ways.

Bizzy Bitz

When LEGO developed DUPLO for the younger children they opted for larger bricks for little hands. Bizzy Bitz is different. They are not blocks but more like plates that snap together. Starting with the plates lying flat on a table or worktop, plates can then be elevated and connected to other plates. This is a great lesson in triangulation and the stability that is inherent within.

Bizzy Bitz

Bizzy Bitz

I must admit that children’s toys are becoming very sophisticated and for a toy to stand out on a shelf and to compete against other toys in this segment it must offer something very appealing. I love tactile toys and those where the possibilities are endless. Bizzy Bitz is a brilliant toy for creative minds.

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