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Barbecue Party – Age 4+ Review by Rosie

What do you get when you take one specially-primed BBQ grill, a pile of playing cards, colourful pieces of bug-eyed ‘food’, BBQ tongs and a bunch of excited children?

Just in time for Summer comes a refreshingly simple new action game from Drumond Park Games. The vibrant and characterful Barbecue Party (rrp £19.99, age 4+) is a truly delightful game of anticipation, nerve and dexterity.

Our planned REAL Barbecue Party this Summer was postponed due to the terrible weather. Typical in this part of the world! But I couldn’t keep them from opening the box and playing it. Anyway, it works brilliantly indoors and is completely portable. Ideal for play dates or holidays.

Game play is simple for the younger ones to understand.

Playing Barbecue Party
Game Face

Choosing a card and picking up the characters with the tongs drives the game along at a nice pace but the real joy comes from the screams and squeals when the grill jumps. If the grill is inadvertently shaken or the load just gets too heavy under the weight of all that food, the entire grill will jump off its base! The food dramatically catapults into the air, causing gasps and giggles all round – and ultimately resulting in that player losing a precious card!

Easy now! Gently does it









The characters are colourful and look friendly which was great as it indirectly helped Jonah learn the words for the food.

So cute!


Rosie(9) was so enamoured with the game she insisted on completing the review.

The Barbeque Party game is really fun for all the family. Especially on a rainy day or if you’re feeling bored. It’s packed with lots of surprises such as, popping up when you’re not expecting it.

My little brother (2) and sister (5) played it and they can’t have enough of it. DSC_0290I really enjoyed playing the game. To improve, I think they should extend the game a bit more. So that you are not doing the same thing so much. For example, give the joker card more power. Overall I would recommend this Barbecue Party to everyone. On a scale of one to ten I would personally rate it an 8.9. Róisín (aka Rosie)



Delilah taking Barbecue Party seriously

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